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Our booth was next to Rick's Motorsports Electrics at the Powersports Dealer Expo last weekend. That gave us 4 days to pick his brain about how to improve the charging system on our KTM 990. It actually took 5 seconds for Rick to respond, "put a MOSFET VRR on it."
When we got home I sent him pics of the existing regulator and the relevant part of the KTM wiring diagram.
Rick supplies a VRR that has the wires potted directly into the VRR like the OEM unit. This eliminates one connection. This is especially important as the VRR is located low on the frame where it gets submerged in mud and water. He also recommends connecting directly to the battery with a fused connection. After reviewing the KTM wiring diagram it appeared that the existing 30A fuse was downstream of the high power connection point so he eliminated the fuse holder and terminated the output wire with a 6mm ring terminal.
It turns out that the KTM wiring diagram doesn't accurately reflect the 2011 990 wiring and the fuse was not located where it provided the proper protection so we added one ourselves.

One minor screw up on our part: Rick installs cable jacket on all wires but I forgot to replace it after adding the fuse holder. No biggie; I just put some split loom on the wire during installation. Here is the VRR Rick built up for us (left) along side the OEM part (right). Again note that when we installed the fuse holder we inadvertently left off the cable jacket that Rick had provided:

The installation was a snap as the VRR bolts up directly to the KTM bracket. Some quick cable routing and some cable ties and it was done. Note the corrugated split loom that we had to install to replace the cable jacket that we forgot to install when we added the fuse holder.

We put the fuse near the end of the output wire so it wound up near the original 30A fuse (the green just above the fuse holder). We filled the OEM output connector with E6000 (GOOP) to keep out moisture and crud and strapped it to its original clip with a cable tie (just to the right of the green 30A fuse). .

The bike is all in pieces getting it ready for a big ride but we don't expect any surprises when we fire it up.

You can find Rick's Motorsports Electrics here.

Rick just reported back that he will have units in stock by the first week of March. These VRRs will have the fuse holder and fuse installed. Part number is 10-13H and retail pricing is $150.

Note: Neither I nor 3BR Powersports have any connection to Rick's Motorsports Electrics. They are just good folks who we met for the first time at the Powersports Dealer Expo and have provided some cool parts for our KTM.

-Shov (3BR Powersports, LLC)

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