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Anyone up for some Disc Golf?

Dan aka GSWeave,

Thanks for putting this together for us again this year. You da Man!

Last year I led a small group (3 of us) down to Greenbriar State Forest for a round of Disc Golf, one of my recreational passions. I plan on doing the same this year.

For those who have never heard of Disc Golf, it is like regular "ball" golf but with a flying disc similar to what you might call a Frisbee. The rules are basically the same. You start with a drive from a T, then you throw an upshot from your mark to the green, then you putt your disc into a chain basket which completes your hole. Most courses are a Par 3. If you ever enjoyed throwing a Frisbee I gurantee you will love Disc Golf!

As I know that most ADVriders are cheap bastards, I would like to inform you of the Disc Golf costs. Most discs cost between $9-20. You need three to start, a putter, a mid-range and a driver. Total outlay to start about $30-40 and here is the best part, most courses like the one at Greenbriar State Forest are located in public parks and are FREE! Did you see that, Fucking Free!!!! It is a cheap bastards dream sport.

I plan on bringing a few extra discs and am willing to teach any and all who would like to learn. If you already play, bring your discs. If you would like to buy a few for yourself, check out this PDGA site where you can find links to on line stores and links to instructional articles. You will also find a listing of more than 3000 Disc Golf Courses in the US. I bet there is one close to where you live. I am lucky and have a course 1/4 mile from my house.

I hope that a few inmates will join me.

Disc Golf - It is in the Air!

Rick G
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