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Well apparently It was very lucky that I even finished the Rhino Rally. Had it been another 5 miles longer I would have been done. On Sunday the day after the race we all headed back out to the race area to do some more riding. It was steve, fano, frog, and myself. We headed out and was on some fun single track and about 3 miles out I began hearing a noise from my bike. Sounded like a bearing and assumed it was the chain roller but then all of a sudden bam. I felt a clunk and the motor changed pitch so I grabbed the clutch and pulled over. The rear wheel was flopping side to side. Both bearings puked there guts out. I heard the same noise a little after the half way point on the first loop of the race but again thought it was the chain roller bearing going out. How wrong I was. Luckily the wheel made the 40+ miles remaining in the race.
So now my hub is shot and to make matters even worse, when the chain came off it wedged pretty hard between the sprocket and the shifter and must have somehow damaged something on the shift shaft. The bike will go into 1-2nd but to get it into 3-5th you have to push the shifter towards the case with your foot. Hopefully it's something I can fix under the clutch basket otherwise it means I'm splitting the case to either replace forks and/or the shift drum. :(
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