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Originally Posted by LaPorte View Post
I have gone through two sets of Shinko 705's. Thay are a good tire for the price. I was looking for a tire with a little more off raod traction and to beable to get a little more mileage out of the tire. The Full bore M-40 and M41 look good on the computer screen, but until you put one on your rim and try it you won't know. I thought I would ask if anyone has put on a set and ran them.

Agreed, can't tell much until they're on the bike. However, if you look at the tread they look 100% exactly the same (to me anyway) so the M40 might be a rebranded Shinko. Maybe give them a call and see if that's the case, worth a try.

As for more offroad performance and higher milage, that's a tough call given the array of tires available and operational differences between riders: some people ride faster, weigh more, have different road surfaces that can affect the wear of a tire (aggregate composition), some do two-up, use different tire pressures, etc. All of those factors contribute to mileage and what one person reports might be totally opposite from the experience of another rider due to those factors. I've yet to see any control-based research on tires using repeatable testing methods and repeatable results; anything else ends up being conjecture and too high of a potential for one-off experience. Even with my bikes I've had overall tire milage on the same model of tire (MT21 for example) where I got 20% more life out of one set compared to other sets of the same tire model on the same bike.

Anyway, there are definitely a lot of tire threads with personal experience, opinions, and mileage reports to help your research though.
I have a feeling that there are some decisions being made on certain teams lately to make things more complex in order to ensure a certain technological standard of confusion is met.
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