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Appreciate all your replies. I'm quite busy right now, so the frequency of updates will be a bit slow, but will sure finish this report.

Originally Posted by dnapekko View Post
Cool trip, and takes some guts. I liked the customs-episode, when you noticed the alphabets and phrases missing, that's hilarious. I have visited Murmansk couple of times with a car, and here is a local joke: "How was last summer ? I do not know, I was working that day." I've traveled Baltic countries couple times with 25 year old sports tourer, and a solo tour in Poland/Belarus/Russia is next summer's plan. Just like your grandfather, my father was visiting Russia in 40's, but with a machine gun; I was first from our family to go there unarmed..
Luckily things are different today, and normal travelling among friendly people is now the case.
Yep that makes for some good anectodes, though it was sometimes difficult while I was there. My journal says so, but you forget about the bad stuff pretty fast. And I will steal your joke for sure.

A lot of what happened in Europe in the last century (or centuries for that matter) is just unnecessary struggle between brothers and neighbours. Let's stop the vicious circle and visit other countries with only a smile as your weapon.

Originally Posted by ishmac View Post
Just watched the full video. awesome footage, very enoyable to watch! How has the SV650 stuck the pace during the long trip, any problems at all?
It's been incredibly reliable and fun to ride. Sure, the long stretches of straight roads were exhausting at times. The only mechanical problem I had was when the spark plug from the front cylinder was killed by the rain in the middle of nowhere. More about that later.

I've already put another 12'000 km on it since the trip ended and just brought it to my mechanic. The rear wheel bearing has to be changed and the headset bearing (correct term?) is due in a few thousand km, too. I don't know if this is above-average wear, but maybe it's because of the rough roads I like to take.
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