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I just got back from Baja last week. While in Loreto I ran into Sean. Had no idea who he was.
I was in riding gear and he asked what I rode and where I came from. I'm acting like
"All the way from Salt Lake City, Utah". I ask him the same.

Holy shit! I couldn't believe it. Ireland then Via Alaska on a Super Cub!!!!????

I told him I had to see this. So he walked me over to his ride.

I was still in shock. I know what these bikes are like to ride.

It looks like my Tenere could eat his bike as a snack.

I asked Sean where he was staying and he told me had been bathing in the ocean for
the last couple days and had no plans for the evening. I insisted on getting him a room
and buying his dinner so we could hear about his travels. He did not disappoint. Great stories
and how quirky he knows he is for doing it on this bike. The inside joke is "Nit wit"

I even got to ride the monster.

All I can say Sean is better you than me riding that thing.

Honestly, you have my contact information if you need help with funds to ship or travel with
please contact me. I'd be more than happy to help you continue your journey.
Ya crazy Nit Wit.
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