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Originally Posted by offworlder View Post
OK, guess what really confuses me, is that the frickin stock filter doesnt even cover the air intakes ! It covers everything else ! Hence I thought there was something down there that needed covering...
The air filter does cover the air intakes.
The air passes into the air box chamber via the snorkel (or prefilter) to the cavity around the carb bodies. It then passes upward thru the filter into the clean side air chamber. The side with the Venturis you can see. That top cover is the intake side of the filter.
BTW- I think there is a flow diagram in your owner or shop manual. I recall seeing it once.

I hope that helped some.

As far as CV concerns I dunno. I'll have to see. I'm presently running a BMC filter & prefilter. I'm not seeing any issues.
I plan to go back up to stock mains to start with and see how things run.
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