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Well.........ummmmm.......not much to write about these days, the machine has been in battery limbo.........
Bike is now charging, I finally replaced my stator this weekend! So I buttoned up the cover, turned the key, and no spark! That "oh shit" feeling hit me pretty good. Unfortunately when I installed it, I managed to pinch one of the pickup coil wires! I was conscious of this possibility when I put it in, the wires were very stiff though, and it pinched in a spot that I could not see or feel for.

Beginners Luck

So I soldered it up the best I could. I'll have to cut the wire, slip some shrink tube on it, and re-solder it, since I'm not sure how much wire is really left at the pinch site. A fine feeling it is wrecking brand new parts before you even get to use them! oh well, live and learn. At least I got it running.

It's my own fault, but if I wanted to blame the manufacturer, I could say that they cheaped out by not sheathing the entire length of wire. Why did it stop there? if it was a centimeter longer, it might not have happened!

Note the full length of sheathing on the OEM stator! At over $400, It wasn't an option. I went with one from RM Stator in Quebec.


It's great that my bike is charging again, but I discovered another problem....Signs of coolant in the oil!

I hope its not too expensive to fix it......I think it's either a water pump seal or the head gasket.......Either way, I'm probably going to have a shop look at it this time. If they are in there, I want them to look at my Rev-loc auto clutch (It stutters a bit in first once in a while so I think it needs an adjustment) and I want to know if installing a manual override is possible. This is my commuter as well as my toy, so I really need to start giving it the attention it deserves.


Also, I'm wondering what is up with my carb..... It's looking a bit leaky too...Is this bike a ticking time bomb?



So I've been spending a lot more time working on the bike than riding it lately, I suppose it's a good thing really.

Oh yea, on a positive note, I got some decent, aftermarket foot pegs now, so it's much more comfortable standing. A set of bar risers will be in the future too.
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