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Hi all:)

Well, I had been all ready to wait until after the move to do anything else, but I just couldn't;) with a little encouragement from my friends I decided the shiny new carb parts needed to get installed! so tonight I took the carbs off and dis-assembled them. had to call Mike twice for pointers on the needle removal and the hinge pin removal, but everything else went pretty smoothly.

I think I found out why I've been having problems with power - I haven't been able to keep up with Mike V., especially on hills. Both my diaphrams were messed up. I'm sure I made them a bit worse taking the carbs apart, but the rubber was adhered pretty solidly to the metal, either from age or contaminants, so the diaphragms weren't moving freely. I found a sizable tear in one diaphragm, and the other diaphragm pulled away from the float - I'm pretty sure I didn't cause these issues but I likely made them worse during the dis-assembly.

I cleaned the major gunk off them and I have a date with Mike to use his and Renner's ultrasonic cleaner:)

I can't wait to get these rebuilt and back on the bike to see what effect they have on the bike:)
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