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Thanks to everybody who came out to ride and the rest will just have to wait a year.

Chris and I went out chasing the trails that would hand us our behinds and sure enough, we found some! We almost had to carry our bikes out of some ravines and we did some dragging of the bikes where it was too tight to turn around. We also did some short cliff climbs to get up some canyon walls, crashed, jumped over some bike swollowing ravines, blasted through some deep sand, crashed again, rode some dried mud hills and ruts and that was Saturday.

Got back to the ranch and cooked up some carne asada. Did pretty well if I do say so myself.

Sunday I broke out the nine five oh and showed Bourkeco and Dave to the Bat Cave Buttes and gave Scott and Dave a good laugh as I wallowed around the desert in the deepest sand on a heavy bike with full tanks but it was a fun ride and kept me focused trying not to swap out and make a yard sale in the big sand whoops. Stopped at the sand dunes, burned a few high speed, dirt track style circles on the dry lake, explored some abandoned desert relics and loaded up for the drive home sunday.

It was fun riding out with Haz-Mat and made the long drive seem not too bad. It's alway nice to see Tom and good to see some new faces as well. OneEffinName, that sticker looks right at home on your bike!

Kelly, Ron, Brent, I EXPECT to see you guys next year!

Thanks again everybody for the fun!

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