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Trying an enduro

Well in my quest to get faster and sample new things I tried an enduro 2 weeks ago. It was the 37th annual "Straight Arrow Enduro" put on by the Central Florida trail Riders. It takes place in the Richlaom forestry area and it's comprised of 2 separate loops totaling 61 miles. Including the transfer roads it ends up being over 80 miles of riding. I was entered on row 13 with 5 of my friends in a quest to ride a whole lot and have fun.

Conditions were good (cool with no dust) as we rode a combination of sandy 2 track roads and tight woods. managed to "zero" the first check (24 mph average used on whole course) and soon after cam upon my fellow row mate Mark(196B). Somehow he had taken a wrong turn behind us and actually ended up in front. In his quest to catch us (impossible since he's in front) he hit a big clay mudhole. He was so stuck it took 4 of us to get the bike out not to mention him..he was a mess!
Now we're way behind for the next check so we just had fun and It was fun hanging the rear out in 4th/5th gear and diving back in for some 2nd gear shenanigans. Rolled into the gas stop feeling good (30 miles in).

But being behind meant never getting any rest. I'd pull up to a check point and they send me right back tired quick. I pulled up to the last check and asked how much longer..14 miles was the reply..I'm done. Followed them in after the check closed but was getting cramps in my legs and was gassed. Overall it was fun, just needed to save energy to year!

Video of first lap highlights from Master A rider.

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