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Tc250 (300)

Gents, I am learning to ride dirt and sand and singletrack and want someting more forgiving than a 300 XCW (for instance). I have a 690e, and an old /5, so I only need this bike to do trails & woods here at home, and sand in Nevada on a late March trip - doesn't need to be legal. To that end, is a 2008 TC250 (now 300 with the kit installed), with about 100hrs total a good bike for this endeaouver? The price seems right, even after planning on the outlay to add a bigger tank, light and a scotts. What are the major differences between TC and TE for the 2008 vintage? Would a TXC 250 (310 with kit in, and lmost liscence'able) be a better bet, or different at all?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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