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Originally Posted by jonnykilo View Post
Gents, I am learning to ride dirt and sand and singletrack and want someting more forgiving than a 300 XCW (for instance). I have a 690e, and an old /5, so I only need this bike to do trails & woods here at home, and sand in Nevada on a late March trip - doesn't need to be legal. To that end, is a 2008 TC250 (now 300 with the kit installed), with about 100hrs total a good bike for this endeaouver? The price seems right, even after planning on the outlay to add a bigger tank, light and a scotts. What are the major differences between TC and TE for the 2008 vintage? Would a TXC 250 (310 with kit in, and lmost liscence'able) be a better bet, or different at all?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


The TC is tuned for motocross work, the motor will hit harder and be less forgiving than than the TE/TXC models. Also the suspension is tuned more towards jumps and racing than trail work, so you might find it a little harsh without some suspension work. Depending on the state, you may or may not be able to plate a TC bike. But if the price is right...

Also the TC has a carb while the TE/TXCs are fuel injected. That seems to be a matter of personal preference, but personally I am done with carbs, and I like being able to "rejet" on the fly with a fuel controller.
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