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Universal Enduro Fairing


Update 09/19/12

Stealth II
I have been thinking about how I can make my Stealth fairing better. I considered customer and fellow ADV rider feedback and looked at the newer bike light designs (see below), DOT requirements etc. and came to the following conclusion -

I am happy to present the new STEALTH II Enduro Fairing

New Features:
Unique design
Overall shorter and more compact
Slightly lighter - under 2LB
Make the wind deflection lip at the top longer -if someone wants to trim it down they still have some left for deflection
OEM lighting is coming along + LED OEM bulb plug in replacements are now available - why go non-DOT and spend 100's $
Make a fairing that accomodate the new OEM lighting shapes (notice the V at the bottom of the lights below)
Make the bottom section a bit narrower to accomodate more oversize tanks
Provide a larger/ flatter, more flexible area (lower down) to accomodate the LARGE enduro lights and to easily surface mount non-OEM
Attachment - flange bolts embedded in fiberglass
Can provide "uncut" so you can modify the depth of the fairing yourself

This should give you a good idea of the size and overall design that I feel will compliment the new angular/ triangle design that is found in most of the newer bikes - but also backwards compatible to bring that newer look to an older bike.

Update 10/25/12

Here is the pics I promised of Stealth II

Sorry for the poor pictures - the snow is back!!! When things clear up I will take some more.

Fully mounted up with (1) Rigid Driving light which is plenty light. The attachment is simple and universal by means of my fiberglass flange bolts that are rigid and cannot vibrate loose. The light I am using is of course just my preference and using my attachment methods you can pretty much mount any light. The lower part of the fairing was made to accomodate OEM lighting and blend into the V notch on the newest bikes.

Keep in mind these come in brilliant white for those of you that are allergic to red - LOL!

Here are some pics of the mounting brackets. There is so many ways of doing this. In the examples below I show the simple bottom connection point/ recever and for the top I used some simple brackets to attach to my risers and also to HDB handguards. The brackets are simple, rigid and cheap to make. If your bike has turning signal mounts (DR650) you can just connect the top brackets on it. I dont make the brackets, and the reason why I cannot make it is because each bike has different geometly depending on the light, handlebar hight, risers, etc. Standard it comes with (3) bolts, two on top and one on the bottom. I include mounting instructions and concept templates.

If you are in the Denver area (im in Larkspur) you are always welcome to stop by and moc a fairing up or just see if it would fit your bike.

Bottom connection - in this case a simple plate mounted to the OEM fairing connections with a central receiver hole. It accepts a simple 2" x 2" L bracket that connects to the bottom fairing flange bolt.

Top view of bottom bracket

My preferred method is attaching directly to my HDB handguards which is a solid piece of hardware.

This is (1) of two side brackets that support the top of the fairing via a A bracket. Just a hole drilled into the billet aluminium riser on both sides - hold solid. In the unfortunate event of a head-on collision the alumimium would bend before the bolt breaks. There are (2) of these side brackets for the top of the fairing with a crossbar in the middle - kinda like an A.

Here is a frontal picture of the top A bracket - its not my best work and yeah I need to organize my wiring badly!!
You get the idea. To get the fairing off = 3 bolts.

This shows the top and bottom flange bolts. The production fairing will have the bolts embedded into the fairing during manufacting however mine have always been surface fiberglassed and never had any issues even after multiple crashes.

Here you can see the bottom L bracet that connets to the "receiver" mounted on the bike.


Whether you ride long distance Enduro, Rally, or a Desert Rat that like to tear up Baja, a Mountain Goat that cross the Continental Divide in a day, or even ride the TAT, this will prevent you from getting "wind-wipped" , prevent arm fatigue and protect you from roost and the elements.

As a fellow ADV rider I felt a need for a Universal Enduro Fairing that is affordable and functional without affecting bike handling and stable at high speed. This is a customizable fairing that you can use as a platform to add a dash, OEM or non-OEM headlights, paint or whatever you want. Additionally it has a "fairing forward" design like Dakar Rally style fairings with a typical location of the fairing 10" in front of handlebar to prevent an impact zone and provide room for an electronics dash (available per request). I offer the Rigid LED lights and can install that onto the fairing for you. (1) Flood Light is plenty and can be found here:

Can I trim it down a bit - no problem! I have designed some sturdy brackets that are easy to make. At this time I have it figured out for the XR650R but the concept will work on any bike -adding more templates as we go.If you want it trimmed down or modified, let me know, I am good at it.

My pledge:
10% of my profit to organizations like RMAR and COHVCO to keep the Rockies open for all of us
5% off your purchase when mentioning ADV and your handle

Design Objectives:
1. Universal in designed to fit most any dirt bike
2. A strong, yet light and flexible fairing that would be attractive and affordable without affecting handling
2. Provide wind, element and roost protection
3. Composite material that is tough, light and repairable - unlike most plastics
4. Simple yet sturdy attachment points and bracket design
5. Fit between large Safari type tanks
6. More crash resistant than a full wraparound fairing
7. Accomodate a Dash area to protect my aftermarket electronics
8. Accommodate a wide variety of lighting systems from OEM to large aftermarket lights + LED's
9. Easily removable
10. Size adjustable with simple rotary cutting tools
11. Comes in white gel coat, so you can paint it your bikes brand color
12. Made in the United States of America

The Enduro Stealth Universal Fairing is the result of my R&D and glad to be able to share this product with you at $175 excluding tax and shipping (before ADV 5% discount). Intended for off-road - use with discretion.

Please see my site for further details

Thank you for the interest.

Carbon Fiber Dash - available by request
aiMhi - Honda XR650R - AMA- RMAR

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