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Originally Posted by wilkinsonk View Post
I had interpreted his statement to mean that in the beginning the experience of road book navigation is the more important thing and that one shouldn't put that off because they do not have the high-end navigation equipment. While we would all love to have the optimal equipment set-up it may not be financially feasible (or really necessary) in the beginning of the learning curve. With that said, I don't think that anyone would suggest entering a competitive rallye at an international level with a manual road book.

- Ken
Relax Ken, I'm asking because I'm at the point where I need to decide which way to go with a Nav setup. Money is an issue for me also, so spending it wisely is important. If Ned thinks it was a benefit to get the weight off the bars, then I'll really try to go that route. I don't have experience either way, so I need his advice. Do you have opinion? Which version do you prefer from a fatique point of view?
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