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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
just curious how you guys deal with the nite stages and the roll chart holder. I know we don't have to look at it during the stage, but in between how do you lite it? I warn you I'll be asking lots of simpleton be nice.
Once nice thing about the NASA rallies is they tend to re-use some of the stages so, some of the transits are repeats of ones you did during daylight. I bring along a GPS that lays down a track line which I can follow if the transit is a repeat. Just make sure that is where you are supposed to be going! Some times a transit might start out the same but then make a turn down a different road. Doesn't work all the time since you will sometimes have a new transit at night but at least for the known ones you have a track to follow. Anders may say in his FAQ that a GPS is of no help but I tend to disagree. I don't recommend looking at it on the special but it is nice on the transit, also I like having the track data to look at afterwards for top speed, average speed etc.

Last year at RWV the all of the special stages took place on the same road. We swapped directions and they added/removed a bit in the middle of the special but the start/finish points where the same. We did the same transit many times last year so after a couple of times you could easily do it by memory. Of course I suspect they will have more roads for this years RWV.

Since they give you a lot of time on the transits you could also wait for the rider behind you to finish and ride the transit together. Or, if you are the last rider on the stage, make friends with whoever is before you on the stage and see if they will wait at the end of the special. Last year I helped out Jim Heyder since he was having serious electrical issues on the bike and I felt like being a nice guy and not letting him get stranded out on the transit. While we have a lot of fun competing against each other nobody wants the difference to be due to someone getting lost on the transit.

Once again, keep in mind they really do give you ample time to ride the transit. Even if you have a small flashlight in your tank bag you could turn it on, make note of the mileage to the next turn and when you get there stop, pull it out again, make a note and so on. Sure, will add a lot of time to your transit but not as much as getting lost. Also, keep in mind that for every minute you check in late it is only a 10 second penalty so if you do loose a few extra minutes on the transit it likely isn't enough to make a difference in your standings as usually everybody is spread out by a few minutes at the end.

Hmm... I feel like I am rambling, guess I am just getting excited for this one as it will be my first repeat event and my first chance to measure any improvement
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