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That's a nice simple set up Beaney, love it!

Seth, so all the extra weight on your bars wasn't an issue then? Honestly Seth, I don't want two or three different set ups for rally. Like I said, I'm at a place where I have some options and I'm trying to make a good decision. I don't ever plan on doing the Dakar, it has zero interest to me. I would like to do a few other rally events, like the MX1000, Toureg, Albania etc etc etc.

I've been thinking that a hybrid nav set up would be nice, a cross between the ultra simple H-bars style and the steering stem option. So far Paul's design seems like the best compromise between performance and simplicity but I've only done Rallymoto, so I don't have a clue if my thoughts are correct or not. As is usually the case, it's personal preference.

I'm hoping Ned chimes in
Just say'IN
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