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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
That's a nice simple set up Beaney, love it!

Seth, so all the extra weight on your bars wasn't an issue then? Honestly Seth, I don't want two or three different set ups for rally. Like I said, I'm at a place where I have some options and I'm trying to make a good decision. I don't ever plan on doing the Dakar, it has zero interest to me. I would like to do a few other rally events, like the MX1000, Toureg, Albania etc etc etc.

I've been thinking that a hybrid nav set up would be nice, a cross between the ultra simple H-bars style and the steering stem option. So far Paul's design seems like the best compromise between performance and simplicity but I've only done Rallymoto, so I don't have a clue if my thoughts are correct or not. As is usually the case, it's personal preference.

I'm hoping Ned chimes in
Pauls setup is looking good. You are welcome to borrow my bar clamp setup and take it for a local test drive..use it if you want. I'll sell you my F2R roadbook holder for a deal too....its a gen 1 rb unit and I'd like to switch to the newer version...but the old one would work fine for mexico.
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