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Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
Pauls setup is looking good. You are welcome to borrow my bar clamp setup and take it for a local test drive..use it if you want. I'll sell you my F2R roadbook holder for a deal too....its a gen 1 rb unit and I'd like to switch to the newer version...but the old one would work fine for mexico.
Originally Posted by beaney View Post
We've been using this rally-light set up for a couplr of years now. Billet plate bolts to H/bar top clamp

Beanie, Seth and Aaron, this is similar to what Seth and I were going to do last year before we kept the RMS mounts, I' like the looks of both, but the RMS mounts have the ability to be completely removed quickly and easily. The top clamp mounts will work with my guard setup, but it would be more of a pain to remove for single track and I'd like to see it farther away from the brake line or the lines run down the triple.

Aaron, we can look at something like that if you'd like, but the farther out from the steering stem, the more momentum you'll have and feel. It'll always be a compromise to some extent, but like you said, it's not Dakar, you can get away with a lot less.

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