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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
This isn't super space age or as technically cool as some of the above stuff.... but might be cool for people that have never heard of it.

Scotts makes an metal oil filter that you can buy for just about any bike that (supposedly) will filter down to near the size of a bloodcell (25 microns). They say that their filters will filter down to 35 microns whereas the normal filter goes down to somewhere around 95 microns. Apparently paper is not consistent throughout.
Anyways, they aren't super cheap - I think the two different filters I needed for the KTM 525 were about $120 for the pair? Maybe more - dont quote me I cant remember - but the paper ones are about $15 apiece! And you never have to replace these.... and they filter better. When you wanna change the oil you just clean them with some brake cleaner and then back in they go. I was always annoyed at finding the two different filters online and they are so expensive to begin with.... so I just bit the bullet and grabbed these. Check it out.
Not to dredge up a storm, but if you do some research you will find that the SS filters do not filter particles as small as the paper filters do.
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