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Day 3

Right from the start of the day I began to continue cleaning the dirt and grime off the bike. It seams like an endless task, but I can tell I'm making progress. I grabbed the gas tank and clean off the outside, then I dared to take a peek at what the inside of the tank had in store for me. I was so surprised to find that the tank is in excellant shape. Thankfully it was completely out of fuel when stored, so it didn't have any bad fuel gunk and there wasn't a lick of rust. Yes!!!, I manage to remove the hoses attached, which turned out to be quite the challenge as the hose was removed in multiple pieces. Finished up the tank by putting on fresh fuel lines and a little Dot 5 for some extra shine.

That afternoon my piston and gaskets arrived in shipping. My husband said he will do his best to get the piston ported for me ASAP, but he does have a shop to run. Hopefully it will be sooner than later . So I'm at a stand still with the engine, until the piston is completed. Then I will send the piston and cylinder in to get hoaned/bored.

It was an excellant Central Oregon winter day, sunny in the mid sixties. I was itching to take the dirtbikes out and go for a ride. Well.... the previous weekend (while I worked) my husband and his father-in-law went riding on some fresh built trails by COMAC (central oregon motorcycle & ATV club) and the forrest service. My father-in-laws bike is currently out of service until he finishes rebuilding his carburetor. So, needless to say, my bike was used. Which is fine and dandy, until it's returned to me missing a few exhaust bolts. So I got distracted from my RT1 project to fix the exhaust and put a new seat cover on my bike, cause I wanted to go riding the next day, when my husband was off. On a side note: we ended up not going riding as planned the next day, because we woke up to 3 inches of new snow and that ment the riding areas, easily had double the amount of snow

Back to my report.

My next step was to begin working on the forks. One seal is leaky and I'm sure the oil is just rotten. I could just clean the seals really well, but it would be so simple to just change everything out. The research began. OEM seals are non-existant, so I just can't order them from our OEM dealer. The aftermarket books that we have doesn't even list RT1 360 bikes. I then turned to the internet to hopefully find something. I came across this Ebay sale and they had listed these seals that were for MX 125, 250... DT1 & RT1. Hmmmm...... so I went back to the aftermarket catalogs to see what those bikes all took or if they were listed. The MX 125 & 250's and DT1's were listed and they all take the same fork seal. It makes sense that in 1972 yamaha only had a handful of fork sizes compared to today's market. Though before ordering any seals (or wasting money) I want to confirm that these seals for the MX & DT's will also fit the RT1's. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I plan to try and call up the store rep for yamaha eventually and confirm this, but what do my fellow bike enthusiasts say? My next question for you, does anyone have any experience on the best weight for fork oil to use in the RT1's? I plan to use the bike for on road/dirt road use. Input is greatly appreciated here.

Sometimes I find myself easily distracted when I'm researching stuff on the internet. I started searching out seals, then I was checking out what other RT1 parts were available on ebay, then I'm checking out accessories and the process goes on. I finally got back on track and went back to the RT1. I priced out some fork oils, just to get an idea of how much I will spend.

I probably just need to pull of the forks and just check out the condition of the seals and everything else. I think that's what I'll do next.

Day 3 wasn't that super productive, but I did learn a fair amount of information while researching. It's just unfortunate that time flies by when doing this. So not pictures were taken, but I'll definately take more the next time I work on the bike.

Until Next Time.....
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