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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawk View Post
Just wondering if you have any worries about the LEDs mounted like this overheating when the weather gets warmer? I don't know about the Advmonster product but these small & powerful LEDs tend to need some air flow to keep their cool.
That's a great question. I've been testing the lights in the fairing. No problems with overheating (it was 86 here in Ft. Lauderdale last week). The low beam output is adjustable so it reduces the heat generated in normal riding conditions like during the day, it's also only using a couple watts of power. Hit the high beam and both lights go to full power.

I've never intentionally ridden this bike at night due to the crappy stock lighting, problem solved with the LEDs. The faring is a great compromise, would I use in a hare scramble or enduro, no, but "normal" riding it will give some great protection and lighting.
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