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Wow, I really have a headache, and it's difficult to tie down the actual source. It could be attributed to any number of probable triggers, but really that would only be guessing. I can tell you of physical aches that might be properly identified as either source or symptom, but how accurate would my analysis be? My teeth certainly do ache, but has that caused the headache, or is caused by? And so it is the same with events & feelings. I may think of certain uncertain events & situations & consider them causative, but are these thoughts source or symptom?

I've had to deal with a veritable tooth ache of a problem, in that the time came for the signing and submission of documents which will trigger the probability of a Debt Relief Order*, and this process is certainly a probable source of said Brane Ache. By now I envisaged being well enough to function to a major level in the work market**, or been dead, but either way all my monthly income is going on fees alone, and I am unable to service the debt in the way I had intended. The process of solving this conundrum is not pleasant to progress thru.

So is the ache in my upper right quadrant coming from the previously broken collar bone, shoulder & cricked neck, or put into my bones through tension from the above, or some other life event poking it's way out? There's plenty else going on which could express itself in such a way. But fuck it, my head hurts. My whole body hurts & I could do with a massage. No, a proper one.

The bike tax is up at the end of march, and the MOT expires 11th April I think? All seems to be functioning properly, mostly. The tyre/ires are good if a bit square, the brakes have meat,lights work fine, wheel & steering bearings are good, etc. This of course means it will fail on one of those.

Focussing down on an activity or core purpose. A dense & rich pursuit. Not going very well.

* Search for it, I had to :-D
** As you will recall, my cv is now empty.
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