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Hi all:)

well, I got the carbs all back together with fresh parts

I think they look decidedly happier than they did earlier this week;)

this is what I started with:

A little elbow grease and a little ultrasonic cleaning does wonders!:)

I was actually surprised by how easy the the whole process of dis-assembly and rebuild was. Apart from some questions (easily answered by Mike) about how to get the float hinge pin out, and how the diaphragm was supposed to sit, it went great:)

With the slide in, I was uncertain if the diaphragm was supposed to hover above the lip of the carb body like this, but with gentle installation of the cover it seems fine.

I did have a hell of a time installing the choke cable back on the carb. I only had time to put the left carb back on the bike, so the right one will go on tonight, and I hope to be able to go on a test ride and see how it feels:)

Oh - question for those that might know - the Bing book says stock position of the mix screw is .5 turns - my consultants think that might be to lean... any other opinions out there?

hope everyone is having a good week:)
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