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Thanks sir

Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
May be available in a few months but not anytime soon. Suggest that you read more about the lights in the fairing, I've not seen another product in this form factor that produce this much light. With a couple of model 60s you are looking at 7200 lumens on high beam. PnP means a simple install.
Ok thanks for the response sir, I will go back to the original plan then its not that big of a deal. I just saw it and thought with a blank I could save a few hours.

7200 lumens is very impresive. The 2.4 AMPS per is good to. The thing for me is that the light pattern is a circle and two of them stacked just makes a laser beam. For the majority of the world that will be fantastic. I however am a bit more flood than distance minded and only want about 200-300 meters in front but I want at least 20 to 30 meters to each side. That is why I have gone down a different path.

The PNP feature is a great feature,

I wish you folks the best sir I am sure they will be snatched up. Harcus is a great guy and even though I am not aquaited with you if he hangs out with you you cant be all that bad.
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