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Hey guys!

So I got the carbs all installed and realized why I was having difficulties with installing the choke cable - the PO had not installed them correctly, so I was trying to install them wrong. I figured it out, and install was 100% easier - thanks for letting me talk it out Renner;)

I started it up! BOOM Baby! It took a little to start up - I assume because there was no gas in the system - but start up it did! but idled like a jack hammer! So i turned the mix screws from .5 to 1.0 and it idled MUCH better around 1100. It didn't seem to need any choke, which is good because there is something wrong with the choke;) I depress the lever on the clam shell and it starts to idle higher, then takes a dive. kind of hard to describe.
however! the good news is that I took it for a test ride and it was frakking awesome! THERE was the power! I hope it wasn't just my imagination - the ride was pretty short, but it seemed to LEAP forward when I gassed it instead of a slow acceleration:) I can't wait to get it on the freeway and test it up the 163 hill:)

so the ride was great, but I got it home, pulled up the garage, put it in nuetral, and turned it off and I got a "death rattle" - where is shook like hell as it turned off.

Any thoughts?

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