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Great thread and great save!

I did a frame off restoration of a 1969 Yamaha CT1 and had lot of fun. I found had OEM parts and diagrams. Not all parts are still available but eBay vendors still sell a lot of NOS and used parts that worked out great.

Definately replace the seals (2 crank, sprocket, kick start and oil pump shaft). These dry out and don't seal after 40 years :). When they fail, they'll either allow extra air into the crank case (engine revs out), sucks oil into the crank case (007 style smoke screen) or just empties your crank oil onto your garage floor .

I bought a complete seal set from eBay for $15. I also found a carb rebuild kit for about the same. I got a tip to use Berryman's to clean the carb varnish as well that's usually in the fuel bowl.

Good luck on your project!
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