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Originally Posted by tHEtREV View Post
I hope this helps with oil pump.
1) As you look at the pump starting on the left side you will see a white plastic gear if you look closly you will see an arrow on the face of the gear pointing in the direction that the gear rotates when the engine is running.
2) Then if you look at the the hose next to the gear there is a phillip head screw with a red fiber sealing washer next to the hose, if you remove the phillip head screw (don't loose the red sealing washer) a bit of oil will/should run out.
3) Now if you take a finger and rotate the gear in the direction the arrow is pointing oil should come out of the hole that the phillip head screw was in. If oil pump cable is pulled and the black pully is moved more oil should come out of the hole.
4) Don't forget to put the screw back in and snug it up.
5) For proper oiling the pump is adjusted with the engine idling, the cable adjuster is tightened or loosened to line up the line or ridge on the cable pully with the pin next to it.
Thats how you check the oil pump, this is also how the pump gets primed or air bubbles are cleared from the oil line if you change the old oil or if the tank goes empty.
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