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Your Close Call..............

.....Here's an idea : Truthful stories about your closest call while riding. No accidents, only that time when you
missed that tree by a half inch, or the old fart in a cage who blew by in a blind trance, perhaps a deer that decided to
jump out and scare you and disappear into the woods......maybe a deep pothole you avoided in a panic, or perfectly.
.....Here's mine : Colorado, on a moonlit night, summertime, open range country. Let's say about 70 mph, a free
individual ( me ), on a Slash Two R 60, coming over a rise, cresting the hill, to witness a herd of cattle crossing the
road right in front of me......big ones, moving slow.......I had time to scream " I'm Dead !! ", then shut my eyes for
impact. Nothing happened, I think only a few seconds went eyes opened, I slowed down.....shaking....
bike idling.......I stopped.........there's the moon, the night, the and my bike......" Am I dead ? "
.....No, I'm not dead. But that's what happened, it's true, perhaps somebody up there likes me. Often at night I wake up
and replay this time in my mind, it took place in big of a space did those cows leave for me to slide
through at 70 mph ?? That's my close have one ??
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