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This just in to the news desk......

[electric type writer whirring in the background]

News today from Tellico Camper brings relief to many Beaver riders. Tellico and family are ok and fair'd well during the recent storm activity that ravaged the area. The infamous campground has survived another day, while only receiving a does of moderate hail, during mother natures onslaught last night. The same could not be said for downtown Murphy. Few business are open today and some have been lost, after a twister touched down on the east side of Murphy. Locals are currently assessing the damage and will rebuild.

Reports of damage in Tellico Plains are still coming in and one Mini Mike has still to check in. If anyone has news from Mini, please provide updates.

More news next week, with your in the field reporter, Tellico Camper. This news brought to you by Mike Honcho productions. Got your Beaver yet?

[electric type writer whirring in the background]

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