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Originally Posted by moosemeat View Post
I knew I would hit a sore spot with that last post. Whooopsy Daisy!
I think it's comical, you're obviously more of a visual/arts kinda guy. No way I would (or any experienced mechanic) dumped $2-3k in powder coating and Carbon fiber without knowing all of the mechanical and electronics are indeed operating. More power to you to just assume everything will be fine "because there was unburnt gasoline still in the tank"

If you think you've got me sore,'re truly an idiot

To each his own and glad you're happy, but don't be looking for my approval or anyone else's here for that matter, it's evident you're in need of such things.

I'm sure everyone here would respect some ride reports with the bike actually going somewhere

And you're welcome on the lil nugget on the gauge cluster there Moose
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