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Originally Posted by moosemeat View Post
Look at the garage door in the background. You'll see half of my grade reports from MMI. 4.0 gpa SON! I will be in the Yamaha program in 8 weeks then off to BMW MOTORRAD where I get my level 3 certification. Oh and full use of the school's resourses and BMW Computer Systems.

After the title is cleared on the sickest looking HP2E in the USA, it will get Wossner h/c pistons, r1200s heads and throttle bodies (installed my yours truely), and Max Stratton's special computer mapping (he writes them himself) from MAXBMW (the number ONE BMW dealership in the USA) in New Hampshire, new headers and exhaust. "The Authority on HP2's " has no idea how motivated I am after the first smack talking started in April. I'd like to say a few other things but I don't want to get banned again for 30 days!!!!!
Bring it,...............oh and they don't train you how to do what you need to for the MM gauge install onto the HP2 E fyi. Say hi to Gerald for me and I'll be sure to let him know you're comming, I'm sure he'll have fun with you.

So whatever happened with those R12S wheels you tried to use? Not exactly a good idea to have a 16mm offset in drive tire to steer tire huh?

Ask Max how those two Wassner pistons sounded as a stock G450X piston flew by at 80mph at Sandblast,..........he won't share the GoPro footage,....wonder why??????????????
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