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Out riding my old '73 sportster down a busy parkway and one of the riser bolts fell out. Bike felt extra squirrely, and when I looked down I noticed the handlebars were turning independently of the forks. I really felt like I was about to become a speed-bump. Pulled in the clutch and coasted (yay rake and trail!) to the side of the road. I found the bolt wedged behind the headlight.

Same crappy sporty, frame broke under the seat (no fat jokes) and the seat bolt cut the rear tire in half lenghtwise. One bead popped off and the bike did a floppy sideways kinda thing. I was only doing about 30 or so, with passenger, and ended up on someones grass. To add insult to injury I had rolled through dog poo. Smelled it the entire push home.

On the panhead on a major highway, putting along in the right lane, As I was passing an entrance ramp I hear tires lock up at my 5 o'clock. Turn to see a honda crv (?) right next to me. I could of reached out and touched his headlight. I guess he came flying up the ramp and ran out of road before he could pass me.

Similar thing happened on the V-Strom on a round-a-bout. Volvo SUV damn near rear ended me flying around the circle.

Maybe I should take up stamp collecting. lol
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