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I have had two that are similar.

1.tooling along at 55mph, going around a fairly sharp left corner, a maroon jeep cherokee came around and was in 3/4 of my lane. I was at a 1/2 lean in the left of the lane, I had very little time to lean fully right from a half lean left, then fully left from fully right to keep from running into the trees on the other side of the road. I felt the breeze from the cherokee's mirror on my left shoulder.
There was a light about a mile down the road, I don't remember in between. I was so shaken I pulled over at the light to take a breather and thank the lord that I was still alive. That one really got to me. I'm sure the cherokee driver had no idea that they had almost killed someone, I imagine they were texting or looking at the radio.

2. moseying by at 35 mph in a fairly sharp right hand curve, leaned to the right in the right hand side of the lane. I rode my moto instead of driving. A ford F150 came around the corner in half of my lane. It wasn't as close as the cherokee, but startled me. No time for evasive maneuvers but luckily I didn't need to. Had I been driving the truck, there would have been no way out, I would have more than likely died in a head on collision...
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