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First time on the dragon I was negotiating one of the 318 curves at around maybe 30 mph, when I started to panic that I was going to run off the road! Some semblance of sanity took over and I thought "Target fixation". It seemed to take a lot of courage to rip my eyes from the scene of the crash and look through the turn, but I did it and made the curve.

I took this girl for a ride on my first bike, a kz440. We were first in line at the light to turn left, and she wasn't paying attention. The light turned green, she started to fall backward, and grabbed my shoulders. both my hands came off the bars, which is probably what saved us. If one of them had stayed on, I surely would have yanked the bars and "laid 'er down." As it was, when my hands came off the throttle snapped shut and I was able to regain control.

I was on my second bike, a '95 Ninja 600, waiting to make a left hand turn. I was upset and when the light turned I gave it more throttle than I should have, coupled with a slick spot on the pavement and the backend washed out. Reflexively, I put my left foot down to catch myself only to realize it's not a good thing to do on a motorcycle. Yes I saved it, but my foot and keg kicked back and I got a burn from the muffler.

Got of of class one day and decided to take a different route home, rather than driving by the highschool while the kids were getting out. I didn't want an accident, you see. We3ll I was sitting in traffic when I get rearended by what I think was a Ford Taurus. It's a close call because that morning I had decided to drive the cage rather than the bike.
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