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A while back on my scooter, I was navigating out of the grocery store parking lot with a 12-case in between my ankles (the bag ingeniously hooked to the hooks behind the dash and under the seat, like a hammock between my legs). Coming up to a turn to go around a row of parked cages, a lovely, large SUV was taking a very immodest curve, leaving little room between it and the parked ones. I leaned hard to starboard, and felt like I went straight sideways; the center-stand scraped hard, and I took the sharpest right 90 I've ever felt that thing do. I had a lot more faith in the scoot's grip after that, and consequently began to have a lot more fun on it.
I stopped and flung my hands up in the "what the fuck" gesture, they replied with a guilt wave and kept going.

One that was my fault, I goosed it on wet grass on the front lawn - fishtailed the rear, bounced off a tree root, skipped to the sidewalk suddenly gaining amazing traction, which zipped me off the ramp into the street.. stopped at the sign for a sec to check for bricks in my pants, and rode off like nothin happened
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