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I have two...

First, very recent. I was tooling down a four lane road in the right hand lane commuting to work in the early morning gloom. I was keeping my eyes on the side streets and fast food joints (that are open for breakfast) as I passed by. I saw a car at the stop sign attempting to leave Bojangles. She waited and waited....until I was directly lined up with her and hit the gas scurrying across both lanes to the left turn lane. She never saw me, even with high viz gear and ugly yellow side cases. I nearly sucked the seat up my.....well, lets just say my hemorrhoid was sore all day. I could have taken a bite out of her biscuit she was so close.

Second, from 20 years ago. I was riding up Flagstaff mountain in Boulder, Co at lunch. One of the Captains that I worked for (former USAF sergeant myself) and I decided to go for a ride to clear out the cranium. Well, as I was flying up, as quick as a '82 Yamaha 650 Maxim was capable of, I came around a tight right hander to find a delivery van barreling down the mountain in my lane. I had no choice, and little time to think, I yanked it into his lane to pass him. Just as I did so, I found a car that would have been tailgating the truck, if they were in the same lane. I yanked it back into my lane as hard as I dared. I had ducked under the trucks mirror and nearly sideswiped the care as well. When I got to the top of the mountain I took a long seizure break. I have never been that scared before or since.
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