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Doing about 43 in a 35 on a 5 lane road (2 lanes each way and a center turning lane) with a slight left bend. I'm in the left lane and the dips*** in the right lane that I'm about to pass pulls a sudden radical U-turn out of nowhere - no slowing, no brakes, no indication whatsoever of what he's about to do - just cranks the wheel hard left right across my path of travel. Fortunately I was looking right at him at the time (not looking down the road or checking my six) and I had just enough time to brake hard and swerve a little - missing his rear bumper by about a foot. If I'd hit him it would've been a very big and very painful Superman flight over his car, possibly fatal.

I was on my way to the ferry. It was close enough that a guy behind me about 20 yards in a black Lexus made a point of tracking me down on the ferry and telling me that I should be sure to go to church the next weekend. I'm sure that when he saw it unfold in front of him that he was certain that I was a goner.

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