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Assumption, the Mother of all....

Riding down a road about half a mile from home after an early evening ride... Vehicles parked on the other side of the road and a car approaching. 30mph speed limit which I am obeying. General UK rule/law is I have right of way as obstruction is on other drivers side of road so I don't slow to give way.... Stupid assumption No1

Just as I am about to get level with the first parked car I realise the other driver is not slowing. I hit the brakes seriously hard (Had the front wheel skipping. It was on the edge of it's abilities). I stop about level with the first parked car. She's still coming at me and at the last second she see's me and slips between me and the last parked car... I assume either she wasn't paying attention or the old lady can't see past the end of her bonnet... Stupid assumption No2.

I get home and realise that was my fault... Firstly, never ever assume right of way. Secondly, she didn't see me because I had the sun going down directly behind me... You just can't be seen when you are chasing your shadow.
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