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One of my more memorable ones occurred on my bicycle. I was on the through road coming up to a T intersection. A VW golf comes cruising up the the T road on my right, glances over at me and figures he has time to blow through the stop sign to make a left in front of me.
But he doesn't notice the fully loaded dump truck approaching from the other direction. I'm expecting to see him become a hood ornament, but he spots the truck about halfway through the right lane and stops in front of me.
He throws it in reverse and backs up to where he should have been all along.
With some trepidation, I continue past him, happy that I wasn't coming along 10 seconds sooner, or going a few mph faster.

At least when you're on a moto, cars take you slightly more seriously than they do bicycles. On the push-bike close calls are just part of the ride, just about every time you ride.
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