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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
I talked to Amy the other day and she said 6 weeks out before we'll be able to register..

On another note, how do you train for something like this? I mean, I have no idea?? Fast gravel? Straight or twisty? I'm really freaked about the nite stage because of deer. Is it up in the mountains at least where maybe there won't be quite as many? I just can't even wrap my brain around doing this but would love to know how you guys prepare. TIA
Fast but twisty. Beware of off camber turns. There was one tricky one that just about everybody went wide on, Anders has a good video of him going off and dropping the bike on that one if you look at last year's RWV thread it is on there someplace.

Deer are a concern for me as well. I never saw any on the stage but there were a few that walked right by a bunch of us while we were sitting in front of Rally HQ 2 nights before the rally. There are tons of deer in the area. I still think that deer are more afraid of bikes due to the noise than they are with a regular car going down the highway. Also having extra bright lights doesn't hurt, at least you should be able to see them sooner.

As far as preparing, make sure the bike is in perfect condition and everything is tight. You don't want to be like the guy at Sandblast who lost his front fenter (oh wait, that was me). As long as you are comfortable on loose surfaces you should be just fine. The roads there are really pretty nice, nothing tricky.

Like Jason mentioned, hardest part is sitting around for a while then having to turn on your focus for the stage.
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