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Hmm, I've read up on it and there seem to be a few theories on that. So far I think I just feel the AP coming on that step up the fuel/snap. Driveability above (wild guess here) 2400 RPMs is spot on and damn strong. The CVs were smoother from that point but didn't have the response or boost these have.

Do you have the FCRs and what were your observations regarding the before/after TPS? Is what I described what you felt? I'll have to search that TPS thread again, I almost recall there was no real difference the rider described but I may be wrong. Maybe it started easier?

I still need to get them into some nasty repetetive stutters to be sure the flooding/stalling is gone. I still have the FPR in it and so far it revs to the limiter no problem. I may be able to dial in even less fuel from the pump. The little boost I described I can live with or I'm sure, tune out later.
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