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Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
Deer are a concern for me as well. I never saw any on the stage but there were a few that walked right by a bunch of us while we were sitting in front of Rally HQ 2 nights before the rally. There are tons of deer in the area. I still think that deer are more afraid of bikes due to the noise than they are with a regular car going down the highway. Also having extra bright lights doesn't hurt, at least you should be able to see them sooner.
Anecdotes should hardly assuage your fear of deer, but the only time I've hit a deer (or otherwise come close) was when I was doing a measly 15 mph on the paved drive up to Spruce Knob. Other times I've done a good 60 25 mph because that's the speed limit and never even seen a deer. The roar of a 4-stroke with no exhaust baffle will scare them right off. Lighting really doesn't play much into it (IMHO) because the deer I hit was in broad daylight; they have a knack for hiding where you don't expect them to be.

Time of day plays a big factor as well, early in the morning and right at dusk the deer seem to want to cross every road they possibly can.
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