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Just thought I'd chime in with another +1 for Uship. I just shipped an 1150 GSA from the tip of Florida to St. Louis MO. Over 1k miles. Wired money to the previous owner on a Tuesday afternoon, bike was delivered first thing Saturday morning. I went with a shipper with many positive reviews and no negatives. He was down there picking up a classic car and had room in the trailer.

Price was significantly cheaper (Over $300 less than a quote I received from one of the conventional shippers mentioned in this thread, not to mention about 3 weeks earlier delivery), communication from start to finish was excellent (they also have a GPS tracker with history...I could literally watch as my guy stopped for an hour while he loaded up my bike and then see when he got back on the road), and I couldn't have been happier with the handling of my bike. When the guy dropped my bike off, he had a classic car and a Harley in the trailer as well. Everything was professionally secured and protected, absolutely no complaints about how it was packed and loaded. Oh, and had anything bad happened, I had been emailed a certificate of proof of insurance before my bike was ever picked up. They had plenty of coverage to cover everything in the trailer in the event of an accident. Bullet proof? Probably not. It did give me peace of mind however.

Like anything else, I'm sure there have been some bad experiences on Uship. I'm sure there've been some bad experiences with conventional shippers as well. In my case, allowed me to save a significant amount of money and get my bike to my front door faster than I thought possible. I couldn't be happier with my experience and won't hesitate to use the service again.

It doesn't cost any money to post a shipment and start receiving bids. Give it a try, see what you think.
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