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In my earlier post, I talked about trying the Mefo Mousse:

"I just ordered 2 MOM21s for the fronts on my CRF230F and WR250R. Working on the correct sizes for the rear Pirelli MT43 and IRC 4.00-18 TR11 trials tires."

I installed a front MOM21 and an FTD (Flat Tire Defender) in the rear of my WR250R and did a ride in southern NM in November last. I was happy with the results, and plan to continue testing this spring. I'll start a web page (of course) and show all the results.

On my CRF230F, I installed a front MOM21 and just today finished installing a MOM18-2 in the rear. It was dee-fee-cult. After about two hours of fighting that 18" donut, I sat down and thought about what I needed to do to get the job done. I needed 4 hands/arms and there was no way I was getting my wife to help. So here's what I came up with:

Do not laugh. With this setup, it was easy-peasy - took 10 minutes with very little effort. I spent most of the time cutting the plumbers tape and screwing in the screws. The final version will have screw hooks for the tire iron handles - insert tire iron under edge of tire, pivot, lock. Easy on and easy off. The board will fold against the wall for easy storage.

I'll have a full report on my web page soon...

PS Don't be critizing my lack of geometric skills - it was all done by eye and I was tired, so the tire irons fell where they may.

Besides, I'll be riding all day Monday and Tuesday, testing , testing, testing. Someone has to do it.

Note to Neduro - I didn't have to force the opposite side of the tire down into the center of the rim - brute force carried the day. With this setup, there is actually very little brute force needed.
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