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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
I guess I didn't make myself clear. Sorry!

The point is doing whatever it takes to get out and try a roadbook, to give it a try, to have the experience. If that's two broom handles and a rubbermaid container and making a trip, or putting on something more sophisticated and staying home, I say take the trip every time.

The Dakar wasn't my first rodeo. I think getting the weight off the handlebars is preferable, I think the rallymotokit setup is awesome, but my point is that the equipment is secondary to the experience. It's not contradictory to have better equipment, but I feel like I often see people building stuff more, and using it less. I was offering the opinion that the reverse is more ideal- build less, ride more.

If you can do both, so much the better. Most of us can't, and I would argue the "whole hog" I took to Dakar was at least a ham or two (well, a horse or 15 more like) shy of some of the other equipment there... keeping true to the build less, ride more mantra.
pretty much sums it up, great post!
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