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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Doesn't Delrin crack when bent too far? I made some parts with it and found it slightly brittle. HDPE is impossible to crack.
I just spoke to a supplier here in Melbourne and his statements back this up. One problem he did mention is that HDPE (even 10mm thick) softens in direct sunlight. Also to give it some UV resistance it would need to be made black (something to do with molecules) which would add to the problem. He said that a sheet of HPDE laid down in direct sun would soften noticably over a day, although he wasn't sure of the memory characteristics of the material.

I am going to attempt to take some of the DXF files I have and some pics of what I am doing to show them and then hopefully thay may be able to find a good solution from the products they stock (which are many). They do machining with tolerances close enough to what I want so maybe I'll have a design in the next few weeks.

My nav tower is getting pretty close to finished (as in holes for parts/bolts etc) and I now know the holes that aren't required.
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