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I am liking my Sargent seat. Flat, broad, firm, no step it. Roomy to slide around on. To me it makes my bike feel bigger as I am not 'pinched' forward by a step.
I have a Sargent seat F8 and am glad I bought it. I'm 6'4" with a 35" inseam and need a seat that I can move around on. The Sargent fits the bill. I can ride all day on this seat. The only thing I don't like is the fake carbon fiber material they use on the seating area. They say it is easily damaged if you drag your boot across it. Even with my long legs, I occasionally touch the seat with my boot when getting on or off, especially when the top box is mounted. I wish they had used a more conventional vinyl. Nothing's perfect.

I have a Renazco on my DR650. I ordered it with a suede seating area. The suede is pretty sticky if you wear jeans; sticky enough to be annoying. With synthetic fiber riding pants it's about right. The problem with the suede is it's too finicky. Renazco recommends not getting the suede wet. Yeah, right. I also had the suede start to stretch after about a year of use and it was not wearing well. I sent the seat back and had them recover it with an all vinyl cover. I like the new cover much better.

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