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RowRoRo-kay. What I did was this...

Using my Dremel tool and a barrel bit (rough sander belt) I took 5/16''s off the bottom of the lever with it still on the bike.

To begin, I removed the right side peg and center stand springs, and then I ground a "recess" on each end of the area and then took out the middle.

When it was all done I still had to go back and take a bit more off the front or leading edge of the section I ground to get the last bit of clearance for the pedal.

After that I removed the master cylinder shackle (did someone call it a "clevis pin") and took 1/4 inch off the master cylinder shank with a cutting wheel. To secure the shank and keep it from jumping around I used a 2-1/2 inch "C" clamp and secured it to the brake lever. Worked like a charm.

Finally, I reassembled it all and adjusted the brake. Deed done.

Thanks to all for the feedback.

PS: My apologies for the poor lighting.
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