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Originally Posted by ramz View Post
Note to Neduro - I didn't have to force the opposite side of the tire down into the center of the rim - brute force carried the day. With this setup, there is actually very little brute force needed.
I love it! That's solving the problem in a very logical way...

FWIW, the trick I've found is to get the bead stretched tight, without worrying about getting the opposite side down in the dish. You'll be about 3/4 of the way on when it's no longer possible to proceed. At that point, and not before then, use a tire iron opposite, and push the bead down, because of the tension from the far side it will be well motivated to go down in and stay down in.

Hope that makes sense, but your arrangement looks perfectly useable to me!

How does it work in a trials tire? Same as air? Never played with that.
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